What is a custom In-ear Monitors

What is a custom In-ear Monitors

September 18, 2019

What is Custom In-Ear Monitor?

Posted on September 29 2015

What is customized in-ear monitor(earphone)? 

Customized in-ear monitor, or CIEM, was first introduced to the music industry in 1995.  Due to musician’s  long exposure to the high volume on stage, a customized hard acrylic earphone with miniature balanced armature driver, or receiver, were made to protect the musician’s hearing and also provide feedback from their wireless system. Allowing the performer to hear accurate sound from the mixing system rather than from the loud speaker on stage with distorted sound.


Perfect Fit

As each and every human’s ear canal geometry are not the same, there is no real one-fit-all earphone with silicon or form sleeves that can provide high level ambient noise isolation. Therefore a customized hard acrylic earphone is the best the solution.  CIEM can provide up to -26dB noise isolation so that the user doesn’t need a high volume to hear the very detailed music.  


Superior Sound

A traditional earphone is made of one vented round dynamic driver where sound is produced by the vibration of the diaphragm. The drawback of this structure is in order to produce high quality sound to cover the full spectrum from 20Hz to 20kHz, the size of the diaphragm need to be very big, 10mm to 13mm. And in the CIEM, as the miniature balanced armature drivers are so small, there can be multiple drivers in size the shell. Like the hifi speakers in your living room with tweeter, mid-range and woofer. A CIEM can achieve this with drivers for different frequency range and a passive crossover circuit to deliver the specific frequency to the corresponding drivers. Therefore the CIEM reproduce much higher quality and fidelity of music and that is why professional musician and artist use it to monitor their performance.


From professional to customer

Unlike a few years back, only the professional will have the chance to use and enjoy the comfort fitting and good sound from the CIEM. Nowadays, consumers start to pay more attention to that they watch and what they listen to. Audiophiles, or even normal consumers are starting to explore and learn the benefit they can get from a pair of CIEM. Also with the improvement of the manufacturing process, the cost of the CIEM has become much lower and make it affordable for the crowds.

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